Hydration: Great for your body and your Katalyst workout

Everyone knows that drinking water and staying hydrated is important, but it’s particularly important when you come for your Katalyst session. Being well-hydrated before will significantly improve both your performance and your experience. Staying well hydrated afterwards will improve recovery times, as well as reducing post-exercise soreness.


What’s so special about Katalyst, then?

As well as reducing blood flow to your muscles, dehydration will affect the nerve signals that tell your muscles to contract. The Katalyst Suit recruits those same signals to enhance your training effort: if you’re dehydrated, you just won’t get the most out of your session!


Furthermore, your skin needs to be well-hydrated to maintain the best possible connection with the suit’s impulse pads. Resistance varies with skin hydration, reducing the suit’s efficiency. While your trainer can adjust the intensity up if the signals aren’t getting through, it’ll just be more comfortable and more consistent if you’re well-hydrated.


Katalyst training means you’ll soon find yourself using muscles you never knew you had, or which you’ve not been able to recruit in other kinds of workouts. It’s essential that you look after these muscles after their unaccustomed hard work! Water will help flush your muscles of metabolites (the waste by-products of training), and replenish them with the protein and glycogen they need to recover.  You’ll lose water through sweating during exercise (as an instructive experiment, you could try weighing yourself before a training session.) Most people find – often to their surprise – that despite its short duration, the intensity of a Katalyst workout leaves them sweating! Always drink water after a session as well as before.


When should I drink?

To get the most out of a session, you do need to be well-hydrated. Make sure you drink a couple of glasses or bottles of water in the hour prior to your workout. It can take between 45 minutes and an hour for the water you drink to diffuse through your intestines into your bloodstream, be filtered by the kidneys, then become available to your body’s cells. Give it a while.  Don’t feel the need to drink fancy electrolyte drink: it’s just as effective – even preferable – to drink regular water.


How much should I drink?

Between 55% and 60% of your body consists of water – but it will vary day-to-day depending on what you’ve been eating, drinking and how hard you’ve been working out.  Generally, an adult male should consume about 100 fluid ounces per day while an adult female needs about 75 fluid ounces per day – but this will change if you’ve been drinking alcohol or are eating a high-protein diet, for instance. Both alcohol and protein are diuretics – meaning they will make you urinate more.


How do I know if I’m well hydrated?

All of our bodies vary, so the best way to know if you are properly hydrated is the color and frequency of your urination.  It is usually a good sign if you need to go to the bathroom often – ideally between six and seven times a day.  So water, water, water and more water. Drink up!