3 tips to help you stick to your guns

3 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Guns

You made a promise to yourself to lose those the extra 10 lbs you’ve ‘planned’ on losing for the last 5 years. During the first week everything went smoothly – you joined a gym, acquired a training and nutrition plan, and began to see progress. You enjoyed your first few weeks of the program, experiencing an increase in energy and fitness levels. You even shed a few pounds of fat, inching you closer to that end goal you may have set out at the start of the year.


Now you find yourself in need of some motivation. You’ve gone off track on your diet, and you’re struggling to find time to go to the gym and work out. Even when you do, your workouts aren’t at the same intensity they were a few weeks prior.


Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common occurrence during fitness and weight loss regimes: it happens to people from beginners to advanced athletes.  We want to help you break through this plateau, and achieve your goals. Listed below are a few tips that will keep your motivation high, and hopefully, bring you closer to your end goal.


1. Don’t commit to a plan you can’t adhere to

The first thing to consider when setting any goal in life – whether personal or fitness-related, is how you are going to achieve it, and whether you’ll be able to stick to the process.


It may sound like common sense, but don’t commit to any plan that you won’t follow in the long run. As the saying goes – “you can’t win the race if you don’t finish it”. An example of this would be committing to a diet plan that deep down you know you won’t adhere to. We all know through experience that “yo-yo” dieting leads inevitably to long-term weight gain.


Before you commit to your fitness regime, sit down and map out a plan you believe will be sustainable throughout your journey. It will pay dividends in the long run. If you find it hard to commit to something as intense as a diet plan, putting some minor changes to your diet and general eating habits can make a huge difference.  For instance, you could trade your daily soft drinks or sugary juice for a zero or low-calorie alternative. That alone will save your body 60g of sugar and reduce your calorie intake for the day. Or after you workout, rather than rewarding your hard work and calories burned with a pizza, order a lower-calorie Thai-food option that has more vegetables and protein.  Every positive choice can make a difference.


2.  Set out ‘mini goals’ during the process

Setting small goals throughout the process is a great way to keep you motivated and on the right track to achieving the results you want. We understand, committing to a 6 month fitness regime may seem like a daunting task, no matter who you are! Goals every 3-4 weeks may ease this thought.

Giving yourself smaller milestones to achieve every few weeks is a great way to keep motivation and interest levels high. Setting training goals, such as lifting a certain weight or running a timed distance, will help you progress with your training. Or maybe setting a weight related goal, like losing 1 pound a week for 4 weeks, helps you track progress. Seeing continuous results through your own eyes – and getting feedback from others – will re-confirm that you must be doing something right! Having that feeling of success throughout the process will keep your motivation high, while making it more sustainable and more importantly, enjoyable!


3.  Take a rest

Take a rest in the middle of a fitness plan, are you mad? No, this is not a joke. This small tip could be the ‘make or break’ of your health and fitness goals. Running yourself into the ground every day is unsustainable in the long run, and in some cases, can undo your progress.


When you get to the stage of feeling drained, unmotivated and on the verge of giving up, why not take a break? Professionals all around the world incorporate planned diet and training breaks to their regimes. These plans involve no training for a certain number of days (recommended no more than two) and not having to eat according to your meal plan for the selected number of days (don’t overdo it, moderation is key). This will give you both mental and physical relief from a plan as overwhelming as an intense fitness plan, giving your body a chance to recover, and will hopefully reignite that craving for results!


We hope these simple, and surprisingly effective, tips will help you achieve your long-term fitness goals. Remember, adherence is key, so don’t commit to an unrealistic plan with unrealistic goals. Once you’ve completed one goal, you can always move on to the next!  And know that you’ve got a lot of people to support you along your fitness journey, including all of the trainers at Katalyst. We can help you start from where you are and get you to where you want to be – just stick to your guns!