Core is important


Why do we focus on our core? And what are the core muscles, anyway? Most importantly, how can full body EMS training help us develop core stability and strength?


Try this quick test: Close your eyes, and see how long you can stand on one leg.  Now try the other. Could you manage more than 10 seconds on both legs? If not, you were having trouble engaging your core muscles.


Now take a look at yourself in a full length mirror.  Were you standing straight and tall, or did you unconsciously adjust your posture when you saw yourself? That’s those core muscles again. Do you regularly feel pain in your lower back – particularly when you’ve been standing for a long time or right after a run?


The muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis are our core. They rarely get the love and attention they deserve because they live beneath other layers of muscle in our bodies. But they serve an essential purpose. In fact, they are the foundation for everything we do.


Treating your core right will improve your posture (you’ll look better and feel better), prevent injury, and assist in your journey to develop strength and mobility in your shoulders, trunk, hips, and legs.


Here’s a killer test: Breathe out, and as you do, concentrate on pulling your belly button back towards your spine. You could do it when you were a kid – can you still? Because if you can’t do that, you’ll find it very hard to reach and engage them doing traditional training methods. What about sit-ups and crunches? It’s more likely you’re using your big muscle groups (and momentum) to carry you through. And for most people working out, upper body strength will fail before a plank really kicks in to work the core.


With Katalyst’s training, those deep stabilizing muscles which make up your core will be engaged at the same time as your other muscle groups. No more “ab work” tacked onto the end of a session when you’re tired, and your form is bad.


You’ll soon find yourself walking taller, and being able to readily engage those core muscles. Whatever your fitness goals – whether simply to look better, to overcome injury and remain injury free, or to improve your performance – full body EMS is one of the best ways to get hard core.