The world’s most efficient workout

Katalyst is a 20-minute personalized EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training experience designed to make it easier to achieve your health and fitness goals.

We make it easy for people from all fitness backgrounds to achieve their health and fitness goals. Kick-start your journey to where you want to be:

Slim down or firm up

If your goal is to look and feel your best, our underlying technology has been scientifically-proven to improve body composition and overall muscle tone and definition. You can start to feel the effects after just one 20 minute Katalyst session, and start to see the real results after two weeks.

Increase performance

Used by pro athletes all over the world – Katalyst training increases your athletic strength, endurance and power output, and will help protect you from injury.

Get faster, further and stronger with every 20 minute session.

Recover from injuries

Our workout removes the need for weights, so there is less stress and impact on your joints. If you are recovering from an injury or have body pain that’s limiting your functional movements, Katalyst is recommended by doctors to continue to improve strength.

What we’ve heard from people like you

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I could feel that it had activated muscles near to where my hip injury had been; muscles that I’ve not been able to engage.  It was as though I was bringing them back to life.

testimonial-team (Demo)

Having a workout that is 20 minutes and can target every muscle that would normally take multiple workouts to hit is absolutely incredible.


The short 20 minute workouts give me no excuse to make my fitness goals a reality. As a distance runner, weight lifting is never fun. Katalyst provides a new fun way to gain the muscle without having to lift the heavy weights.


Katalyst helped me figure out where I was weak in my body and get it balanced.


I didn’t think 20 minutes would be so effective…Katalyst is a workout no one should underestimate. My body has never felt better.

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