Frequently Asked Questions

Katalyst is a Full Body EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) personal training workout for strength. It places less stress on your joints than traditional strength training.

If you’re 18 or over you’ll be able to participate in Katalyst training, no matter your current fitness level or training history.

Depending on your own fitness goals, you can slim down and tone up, improve your sports performance, and even strengthen any current or chronic injuries.


Instead of using weights or weight machines to provide resistance for your muscles to work against, the Katalyst suit amplifies your brain’s natural ability to help you engage your muscles. Under normal circumstances you would only be able to recruit around 40% of your muscles: with the suit’s help, that will increase to 90%.

As you work out, pads in the suit will mimic the electric impulses sent by your brain to engage your muscles. Your muscles will tense and contract – just like they do when you lift a physical weight in the gym. You perform functional full body movements against this resistance.

No. While some of the underlying technology is similar, Katalyst is a very different experience using technology originally developed for professional athletes.

The ab belt is a localised device that is intended for passive use (“wear it while you watch TV”.)

The Katalyst suit, on the other hand is designed for active use. It targets your whole body as you perform controlled, functional exercise movements. It’s the combination of the exercises and the suit that lead to results.

At first you’ll experience a light “massaging” pressure. As you get used to it, we raise the intensity a bit, until you feel a real contraction.

The suit will stimulate your muscles for 4 seconds, then relax for 4 seconds. You work against these contractions as you perform the exercise movements.

As Adam, our Studio Director says, ‘You can’t describe it until you do it, but once you do you’re hooked!’

Yes, the effects of Full Body EMS training have been proven by scientific research – but more importantly by experience. There are now more than 7,000 Full Body EMS studios in the world and the number is growing fast.

In controlled studies, Full Body EMS has been shown to:

  • Increase overall strength and endurance
  • Strengthen core and abdominals
  • Improve body composition
  • Increase muscle tone and definition
  • Improve posture, relieve back pain, and address muscular imbalances

Strength training is just one of three key changes you need to be making when you decide to reduce body fat and improve body composition. Healthy eating and increased activity level are also essential to achieve your goals.

If you are already following a weight-loss program, it’s important that you strength train to increase lean muscle. More muscle increases your metabolic rate – which means you’ll burn more calories at rest.

Yes. Katalyst is a strength training program. Benefits of strength training may include:

  • Improved body composition, definition and tone
  • Improved endurance and performance
  • Improved posture and balance

You won’t get bulky using Katalyst. We develop more type two muscle fibers which will give a toned and athletic look.

The technology that powers Katalyst is already widely used by millions of people around the world.

Katalyst training has been developed to be more accessible and safer than conventional strength training methods – while remaining as effective.

The suits are very low wattage – we can run 40 training sessions off a single cell phone battery. The FDA has approved Katalyst for supervised training.

It depends on your current level of activity and training and how much you’ve trained in the past. If you’re not currently following a program, the results will be more noticeable.

In any event, you should start feeling different in three weeks; and you’ll really start seeing a difference in six or seven.

A Katalyst session is more efficient than conventional strength training, so you’ll take less time to do the same work. Your muscles will spend the same time under tension as a 90 minute workout.

The suit amplifies muscle engagement which means you’ll recruit additional muscle fibers with each movement – up to 90%. The average person recruits only around 40% when they work out.

This will vary depending on which membership subscription plan suits you. See our membership (link) information for more details.

Katalyst is great for people who are recovering from injury because you can perform strength training without loading or impacting the joints.

Yes – we strengthen ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibers. As well as improving overall strength, this will make you more toned without becoming big and bulky.

We have suits to fit everybody.

We’ll provide all the clothing and equipment you need. Just bring yourself!

You’ll be handed a freshly-laundered training layer when you arrive at the studio. You’ll wear this under the suit.

The suits themselves are disinfected after each session, and disassembled and washed thoroughly each week.